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Rune Poetry Rudyard Kipling "Runes on Weland's Sword"


Joseph Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), an english poet and author is

best known for his fiction: The Jungle Book; Gunga Din; and Kim.

Kipling was one of the most popular writers in history and was

awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Many saw predudice and militarism in his works, but I include him

on my iste becasue of his live for the Northern European

Ancestral Soul.

I especially like him and Frederick Niesztche because the

politically correct materialistic world we live in don't like


His poetry aboth the Norse Gods, Vikings and Normans is not as

well known as his poetry abou the British Soldier in India.

It is sad that I have to dig so hard to find his runic viking


Runic poetry, like any other poetry requires meditation and

refliection because poetry is written on a different level that

prose writing.

You can see Kipling's love forthe runes and the vikings in his

poetry. There are so few of these precious runic poems left that

i am going to try and save this one on my site.




A SMITH makes me

To betray my Man

In my first fight.

To gather Gold

At the world's end

I am sent.

The Gold I gather

Comes into England

Out of the Deep Water.

Like a shining Fish

Then it descends

Into the deep water.

It is not given

For goods or gear,

But for the Thing.

The Gold I gather

A King covets

For an ill use.

The Gold I gather

Is drawn up

Out of the deep water.

Like a shining Fish

Then it descends

Into deep water.

It is not given

For goods or gear,

But for the Thing.

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