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What if Dweller on Threshol Really Exists?

What IF?

Dweller on the Threshold

What if the dweller on the Threshold does exist? Many of the Age of Pisces occult writers wrote about it. I specify Age of Pisces, because it was the Age of "I Believe."

Those occult writers who may have reached a higher level of consciousness and knowledge than the average person saw into the Quantum Ocean, though "Glasses Darkly." It was only their abstraction.

What they saw, abstracted and wrote about was believed by millions of people.

Why? Because millions of people could not have higher consciousness abstraction. They had to rely on what others told them. Then they believed what they were told. Hence, the Age of Pisces, the Age of “I Believe."

Some very great and powerful occult writers tried to explain who or what the Dweller on the Threshold really was. Madame Blavatsky, in her writings on Theosophy, Bulwer Lytton's, Zanoni, Golden Dawn writers, etc.

They saw the Dweller as a Powerful being, who stood on the doorway to the higher, inner worlds and challenged you. He was the sum total of all the bad deeds you performed and he forced you to recant, repent and go back.

Christianity is replete with this type of Dweller. They have a Great Archangel standing at the gates of Heaven with a Flaming Sword to block your entrance.

What if these are all false abstractions by various writers who did not fully see or understand the Laws of Quantum Physics. These laws now allow us to come and go into the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God without any interfering entities. We can come and go in and out of heaven even now while we are alive.

Do Dwellers exist? Of Course. The Mind of Man has the power to dwell on thoughts, ideas and other people's abstractions until the power of the individual and collective thoughts reach critical mass and become reality. Man has brought them into being by believing anothers abstraction and constantly thinking about it.

But they only remain a reality as long as you "Believe" in them. To believe in something without direct knowledge or experience keeps you bound to the past and the Age of Pisces, the Age of I Believe.

Now in the the Age of Aquarius, the Age of “I know,” we can have direct experiences and knowledge of these Ghosts from the past. These egregors these Dwellers on the Threshold. We can see them for what they really are. Just old beliefs, forced upon us and held in place by those who have something to gain from them.

Now we can laugh at these beliefs, sidestep them and enter the Quantum Ocean of Creation unmolested and unafraid. This is just one gift given to us by the Age of Aquarius, Mind of God, Laws of Quantum Physics.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, radionics, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wife Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.

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White Gold Powder = Rejuvination

White Gold Powder = Rejuvenation

The Age of Aquarius has given us several very powerful gifts. The Laws of Quantum Physics, the Sciences of Radionics, Orgone Technology, the Internet and White Gold Powder.

The use of White Gold Powder for long life, rejuvenation and health goes back past the Age of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt.

The Laws of Quantum Physics go back to the beginning of time; to the time of Creation. For that is what the Laws of Quantum Physics is all about, Creation. It is just now in the Age of Aquarius that it has been presented to us in a scientific and spiritual language we can understand.

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite Ocean of Thinking, Intelligent Energy called the Quantum Ocean.

It is the Mind of God where all Creation takes place.

In the Quantum Ocean there is no time, no past, present nor future. There is only the Now. There is no Space, no breadth, height or width. There is only the point called HERE.

All Reality, Universes, Solar Systems, Planets, and you and I exist in this infinite point called the HERE-NOW.

Everything that ever was, is or will be exists in the Quantum Ocean. They have always existed. The Laws of Quantum Physics have always existed. White Gold Powder has always existed.

There is a Divine timing plan built into the Quantum Ocean that causes people, places and events to 'blink out' and 'blink in' the Quantum Ocean.

A 'blinking out' is a movement from the not yet manifested intelligent energy of the Quantum Ocean into the manifested Reality of our known Universe.

Both are contained simultaneously with the infinite Dot of the HERE-NOW (Mind of God).

When you and I 'blink out' we start a new incarnation, a new journey, a new adventure. When you and I 'blink in' we separate from the Physical Reality, shed our physical body and re-enter the Quantum Ocean, which we never left in the first place.

The Laws of Quantum Physics 'blink out' and 'blink in' on some divine timing schedule. The 'blink out' for our use at a time when our level of consciousness can accept and understand them.

The concept "Quantum Physics" 'blinked out' again in the early years of the 20Th Century.

The re-discovery of White Gold Powder 'blinked out' again in the 1970's on a ranch in Arizona. David Hudson was the recipient of the formula for the rediscovery of White Gold Powder.

The ancients believed this substance would facilitate extraordinary life-spans, and cure many diseases by allowing the body to operate as close to perfection as possible.

Now it is back thanks to David Hudson and the Quantum Ocean.

Now we can combine the Laws of Quantum Physics with the White Gold Powder and start to resuscitate and heal our physical body as well as raise our levels of Consciousness.

The White Gold Powder of David Hudson is sold in 1oz. dropper bottles. You can look it up on the Net. You can also research it thoroughly by typing in David Hudson and/or White Gold Powder.

You do not have to ingest White Gold Powder to receive it's healing, rejuvenating, spiritual consciousness raising effect.

Simply tightly hold the closed bottle of White Gold Powder in your left hand. Do this while you are relaxed and sitting comfortably. After 5 to 10 minutes you will feel a warmth in your left palm. Also a throbbing that will be in tune with your heartbeat. Your left palm will throb and you will hear the beat in your inner ear. What is happening is that the Powder of the White Gold Powder is not limited to the liquid in the bottle.

The Power of the White Gold Powder exists in the Quantum Ocean and will manifest itself wherever the little bottle of David Hudson's liquid exists.

And the Power of the White Gold Powder is not limited to the confines of the bottle. It radiates from it.

By just holding the bottle in your left hand the healing vibrations of the White Gold Powder will enter it.

The throbbing you will feel, will be the blood pumping out of your heat down your left side, arm and hand. This blood will pick up the healing vibrations of the White Gold Powder and circulate it throughout your body.

This is also one of the gifts of the Age of Aquarius. The Laws of Resonant Frequencies between the energies of the White Gold Powder in the Quantum Ocean and the White Gold Powder in the Bottle. It is the same.

And the Law of Three which tells us that wherever you put two energies together a third energy is formed which is the the "Relationship" between the first two.

Energy One is the White Gold Powder. Energy Two is the Blood flowing through your left hand. Energy Three is the passing on the White Gold Powder into the blood stream.

The Age of Aquarius is going to show us how to heal ourselves. All is energy and it is energy that heals.

I am not a Doctor and I do not make any claims that this method of applying the Energy of White Gold Powder to the energy of your body will cure anything. In this Society still run by the old Age of Pisces only "Doctors" are allowed to heal of cure or so they say.

I use this method and give it out for you to try it or not and make your own conclusions.

I like to include the power of my mind into all my rituals. I intone and breath deeply. This way the intoned words are carried into the lungs with the breath then into the blood stream and finally into every cell of my body. This enhances the energy of the white gold powder.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, radionics, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wife Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.

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Who Is Ragnar Storyteller The Quantum Physics Runemaster?

Who Is Ragnar Storyteller?

This is Ragnar Storyteller's About Me page.

Who am I?

I teach and write about runes.

Before you embark on using the Runes for Rune Meditation, Rune Yoga, Rune Study, Rune Magic, or Bind rune Making, make sure that you know something about the person you are taking the instructions from.

Why? Runes are Universal Creative Energies and therefore very, very powerful. They were never meant for divination or writing. They were meant to CREATE.

Each individual Rune is a key to a very powerful energy. Don't play around with them!

Ragnar Storyteller

Ragnar Storyteller is my earned viking name because of all that I have written about Odin and the Vikings.

Ellis Peterson is my other name. I am a Swede. My ancestors are from Upsala. My father and grandfather are both viking beserkers. They would fight at the drop of a hat all the while biting on their tongues. My grandfather lost an arm when he fell off a 3 story roof while tarring it. That did not stop him. He would still go to the bar and when he was drunk pick a fight, even with one arm. I have their blood running through my veins.

They are both in Valhalla now. My grandfather was gassed in France in WWI. My father's ship was torpedoed at the Battle of Midway in WWII. I followed in their footsteps and am a Korean War vet. At 70+ I fight with my mind and the runes. I fight for the Northern European culture that is being threatened by today's politically correct world.

But I see now that we cannot protect our Northern European Heritage by fighting. These are not the times for that. So I am now choosing the Sword of the Mind to battle on for my kindred.

Being a greybeard I see things now a lot clearer that I did when younger. I see that man's purpose on earth is to evolve. To become godlike, so said Nietzsche and others.

First of all, I am 70+, a retired math professor and electrical engineer. I am a radionics and orgone technology scientist and have made my own devices.

I am a Viking Skald and Rune master. I have been studying the runes for 25 years. I belonged to several well known Asatru Groups in Arizona. I ran an Asatru Prison Ministry where I communicated and sent free literature to over 700 viking inmates in jails and prisons. I wrote several books on Odin and Vikings. I have written over 200 articles and essays (many are on my websites.)

I run two successful websites.


What is it I write? I am the first Viking to try and bring the Runes and the gods/goddesses of our ancestors out of the dark ages of Viking raids and into the light of the 21st century.

I use the language and science of Radionics and Quantum Physics to do my rituals and blots.

The Godi's of Arizona don't like this.

I write for the individual Viking who wants to work from home and not join one of their organizations. They do not like this. I say that I have not met a Viking Godi with any power. They do not like this. I say we can no longer go into the woods and do blots and rituals out of outdated ritual books and ask the gods/goddesses to come down and help us. They don't like this.

Why are they, and us at times, so childish to think that we have earned the right for the manifestation of a god or goddess into our lives? They don't like this. Closed minds in any religion are dangerous.

Beside what would we do with the giant red bearded Thor if he were to manifest himself into our lives. He would be out of place just like axe or sword would be out of place on a modern field of battle.

Although we cannot manifest the God Thor into our lives, we can use the Science of Quantum Physics to attract the RUNIC POWERS OF THOR out of the Quantum Ocean and into our lives.

Gods do not do things for us. Thor will not protect us. But by attracting Thor's energy out of the Quantum Ocean and into our lives we can protect ourselves. Same with all the energies of all the gods and goddesses.

I have been to many Asatru blots in the woods. I have never met a Godi who had any power to manifest a god/goddess of the North into our circle. Why? Because they do not have the runes inside of them. No power!

The runes are the key to the gods/goddesses. Each Rune is a key to a powerful energy and is associated with a god/goddess. So when you learn how to get the runic energies inside of you. You will not become Thor, but you will be Thor-like. You will have his energies and power.

I have never seen another viking site on the net that talks about bringing the runes and gods/goddesses into the 21st century. I told the Godi's and self appointed leaders of the various Asatru groups what I thought and they marked me outlaw.

So be it!

I told you that I never met a Godi (viking shaman) with power. But I have met Native American shamans with power. I spent a whole summer with a Cherokee Medicine Man, Willie Whitefeather, in the Arizona desert. He had power and I saw many of his manifestations.

He told me that real magic must be done alone and with proper preparation. Sweat lodges, vision quests and getting the spirit of what you wanted to do inside of you first.

He took me to Four Corners, Arizona and introduced me to the Grandfather, the 112 year old Hopi Shaman.

Talk about power. I was allowed to enter the sacred caves where the 3000 year old pictographs on the walls foretold of the arrival of Columbus and his three ships.

Why me? Willie said he could see my spirit and it was wise, powerful and true.

He named me Curious Bear because of the constant stream of questions I asked him and the Grandfather.

I wanted to KNOW!

Because of my intrusion, I was chased down the Arizona Highway by Apache Warrior Spirits. You can read about it on one of my pages listed below.

Willie said that the whole massacre at Wounded Knee was all about power. The Native Americans were about to manifest the spirits of their great dead warriors to help them in their fight. The government knew all about their magic and power rituals so they slaughtered them all.

We have power and the power lies in our RUNES, not in outdated rituals.

I spent the last five years doing rune meditations, rune yoga, rune magic, rune rituals etc so that I could get the runic energies out of the quantum ocean , where ALL energy exists, and into my aura. Now I carry them around with me and use them when I need them.

I have written about these new methods in the 200 pages on this websites. They are different. They use the Laws of Quantum Physics, Radionics and the secrets of MENTAL MIND MAGIC, which is thousands of years old. All shamans, magicians, voodoo priests etc know about them.

There have always been enlightened men and women. They all say one thing in common using different words. There is a great medium of mind and intelligence that knows and does everything. This thinking intelligence will create whatever the mind of man thinks into it. This infinite thinking stuff is what is now called the Quantum Ocean.

The Runes are in this Quantum Ocean. Therefore the Runes and the Laws of Quantum Physics offer us the greatest challenge and the greatest hope for our children and grand children through peace. love, cooperation and creativity.

Not with the 1000 year old axe and sword, hate, war and prejudice.

We discovered the Runes, Quantum Physics and Radionics. Let's use them. LET US OUT THINK THEM. Our Northern European minds are our greatest weapon.

I know that this site and the information on it is not for everyone. But I say this: if we do not update our magic and rituals so that they are in tune with the 21st century, then Asatru will go the way of all the other religions who will not change. It will die as they are dying. You can see it all around you.



Even Willie Whitefeather is helping his people incorporate change. What do you think the Casinos are?

We discovered the sciences of Quantum Physics and Radionics. They are now our weapons of defense.

I hope you enjoy what I write and have the patience to practice with the runes. If you do then you can change your life for the better and strengthen the ancestral soul of our peoples.

Let us use the Runes and our Minds and fulfill our destiny of becoming more Godlike

Thank you

Ragnar Storyteller

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wife Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.

To see more of his writings visit his websites.



Or go to goggle and type in his pen name RAGNAR STORYTELLER for his listings. He is also a ghost writer and will write and article for you. Email Ragnar for his FREE 10 PART MINI-COURSE, "How-To use Quantum Physics in Your Every Day Life to Attract More Wealth, Health and Love, Now."

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Conversations With Odin Part 1

By:Ragnar Storyteller
Part 1

Part of the Theme of my website is combining Runes, Norse gods/goddesses with Quantum Physics.

Quantum Physics tells us that everything exists in an infinite ocean of energy, called the Quantum Ocean.

There is no time there, no past, present nor future. Only the now.

Therefore Odin and all the gods/goddesses of the North are there. You just need the Secret of how to attract them and bring them out of the Quantum Ocean.

Well, one wintry night several years ago in the boonies of the Pennsylvania Mountains, I had a small accident. I slid off the icy road and wound up in a ditch. As I sat in my car dozing waiting for help .....

Well read the story if you like..

Conversations Wtih Odin

by: Ragnar Storyteller

The snow started as a light flury, hardly reaching the ground or sticking to the windshield. It was midnight and I was still 5 miles from Highway 6 which would take me home.

I didn't like the small narrow roads that criss crossed the Pocono Mountains. They were always darker than the main roads because the tree lines on both sides of the road came out to meet you. And this road twisted, turned, dipped and rose like some kind of writhing snake.

Suddenly, the intensity of the snow increased and my windshield wipers were having a hard time keeping the window clear.

I could feel the tenseness start in my shoulders and then down to my gut as I twisted and turned down that narrow road in the snow. I often wondered why I found driving in the snow so stressful. When I meditated on this thought, I found it wasn't the fear of going off the road, nor being injured or even killed. It was mostly inconvience, economic and political. Economic because if I smashed up my 86 Blazer, I didn't have money enough to have it repaired or replaced. And the politics of dealing with the police and the insurance companies. Bahhh!

Suddenly, a doe leaped out in front of me and dashed across the road. Instinctively I hit the brakes, and although I was only doing 20 mph, I skidded off the road and into the drainage ditch. Fortunately I did not hit a tree, nor was I hurt. I quickly got out of the car to survey my predicament. The back wheels were well into the ditch, which was now filling up with snow.

I got back into the car and tried to drive out of the ditch and back onto the road. But it was too steep and I couldn't get any traction. There was no room to maneuver front, back or sides. No way to get out without help. So I was stuck for awhile.

After a few minutes, I opened the door and stepped outside. It was snowing furiously, but it was not cold. I was dressed warm so I just leaned against the car and waited.

At first I did not believe what my eyes were telling me. About 20 yards away, walking towards me in the middle of the narrow dark road was ... someone.

I closed my eyes and shook my head and looked again. Yes, it was a man. He was dressed in a long dark blue cloak with a large hood that covered his whole face. In his right hand he carried a large thick walking stick.

"It couldn't be," I thought to myself. "I must be dreaming, am I imagining..."

"Hailsa," his voice boomed and echoed back and forth across the road from tree line to tree line.

He walked right up to me and I could see into his hood. He was full bearded and long strands of silvery hair cascaded down to his shoulders.

And ... yes ...

He had a black patch over one eye.

"Hailsa Kinsman," he repeated and his one ice-blue eye sparkled.

"Hailsa All-Father," I blurted out.

"Ah, you do know who I am," he smiled. "And well you should. You have been working the runes ... for how long now?" he asked.

"Twenty years, All-Father," I answered.

"Yes," he smiled. "And you have been busy restoring the books of your ancestors."

I nodded.

"Hugin and Munin have reported back to me many favorable stoires about you," he said.

I was speechless.

"So," he continued, "I felt that as long as I was in this part of Midgard ... what it is called?"


"Ah yes, Pennsylvania," he smiled. "Beautiful weather we are having." He raised his arms into the air. Then he became serious and said, "Now my son, I am in a hurry. There is so much to do these days. But I will stay and talk to you for awhile. You have studied hard and long and earned it. What is it that I can tell you that will help your with your quest and your life's destiny?"

"What," I stammered. "I don't understand."

"What is it you are searching for in all those books that you read?"

I thought for a moment before I replied. "I want to know the truth about things..."

"Ah, the truth," he said. "Which truth? There are no many."

"The truth about what is happening to my world. Where did I come from? Where do I go? What is good? What is evil?" I hesitated a moment and continued, "and who are you? Where did you come from?"

"Ha, ha, ha, ha," he bellowed. "You ask much. Remember, I don't have much time. Heimdal and Loki are waiting for me down the road so I can't dally long."

"But ..."

"Patience," he said. "I cannot tell you all I know. It would destroy your mind to know as much as a God knows. Your heart would burst with the sorrow of the truth and your breath would leave your body."

He paused and began again, "I will tell you what you need to know. And I'll know what it is you need to know by the quality and depth of your questions. Think carefully before you ask. And remember this ... you can only know as much truth as you are capable of knowing. The magic to knowing the truth is in the price that has been paid."

"Tree of Yggdrasil and Mimer's Well?" I asked referring to how Odin the All-Father had hung on the tree of life, suffering for nine days so that he might know the truth about the runes. And how he sacrificed one of his eyes at the Well of Mimir in order to gain more wisdom.

I shook my head in frustration. What had I done to earn truth? What great sacrifice had I made?

"Oh you have," interrupted Odin as he read my thoughts. "You may not have made a great sacrifice like a warrior who dies in battle for something he believes in. But, look at the many small battles you have won on a daily basis. The battle of keeping your own individual faith and belief system alive in the midst of the chaos of multiplicity and duplicity all around you.

"Do not forget the many battles you have won for the kindred locked up in the many prisons? Many of them being there because they would not bend their knees to the God who seeks to make slaves of them. So now they are imprisoned so that they may atone for their sins against this God.

He paused, "Do you forget the time, money and effort you spent seeking out, copying and selling books which told of your ancestors? Do you forget the many verbal battles you engaged in, in defense of your own beliefs? Do you not at this time feel the osternization of a society that is hostile, nay even deadly to anyone who would dare to think differently than they do?

"No, Ragnar Storyteller," boomed Odin, "the number and quality of your small individual deeds has indeed built up into a great sacrifice. A great victory. Your persistence, dedication and lonely search have won you a reward. Hugin and Munin brought your struggle to my attention and I have been watching you."

He stopped, leaned closer and the penetrating power of his one ice-blue eye reached into my soul. "Choose your questions!"

Just then a car's blinding head lights came around the curve. But instead of stopping it roared on by.

"Wait...!" I shouted in disappointment. They did not see my headlights nor that I was in a ditch.

Odin smiled. "What is your wish?" he said. "To be rescued and driven home where it is light and warm? Or do you wish to stay here with me, in the snow, wind and cold and seek out your destiny?"

Somehow he had cloaked us from sight and the oncoming car never saw us.

"Rescue, comfort and ease or mystery, cold and danger? Choose for another car approaches and I can go and let them find you."

"No!" I shouted. "My first question is .... who are you?"

"Ha, ha, had, ha" he bellowed. "I am Odin, the All-Father."

He stopped and stared at me. "Oh, I see," he said. "Not enough?"

I shook my head no.

"Well," he continued, "then I am God of Battles, God of Wisdom, God of the Winds ..."

I continued to shake my head.

"God of Poetry...."

"No," I said. "What is the difference between you and I? How did you become who you are?"

"Ah," he smiled and his ice-blue eye flared.

"There is no difference between you and I potentially," he said. "What I am now ... well let us say you can become."

"A god," I stammered.

"Surely," he smiled. He turned and looked into the line of trees that edged the highway. "There, there," he pointed. "What is that?"

I tried to see into the darkness, but with the swirling snow blinding my eyes I couldn't make out what it was he was pointing at.

He scolded me slightly with an impatient sigh, pointed his index finger and bellowed, "there!" Suddenly to the left of me one of the trees started to glow brightly.

"Why," I said, "it is an oak tree."

"Yes, yes" he said. "But was it always so?"

"No," I answered, "boy you are impatient!"

His head snapped around towards me and his one eye fixed on my two.

"Ha, ha, ha," he laughed. "Tis true enough. Teaching and patience are not my strong suits. I leave that to Heimdal and the All-Mother. Remember, my son, I too am growing and evolving and have my little faults."

"You mean you are not omnipotent," I kidded.

"Ha," he bellowed. "That is the clap-trap nonsense fed to the worshippers of the One-God. Only he, the Creator God, of whom even I do not know much about is omnipotent." His face softened and he said, Omnipotence! Bah! Leave that to the slave masses. Now once again was that always an oak tree?"

"No," I answered. "It was once an acorn."

"Then answer me this Ragnar Storyteller," he leaned closer and his one eye sparkled in the night. "How did that little acorn know it was supposed to be an oak tree?"

"I am not sure that it knew it was supposed to be an oak tree," I said. "It sort of did it naturally."

"Right," Odin bellowed. "Naturally, that is the correct word, naturally." He paused. "To grow into what it was intended to grow into. It had no choice. Within that little acorn there were the blue prints, pictures of what it could be, and it just grew naturally into it."

I shook my head knowingly.

"Inside every human?" I asked. "Is there a blue print? A blue print to become a god?"

"I am not sure about every human," he pondered as he rubbed his chin."That is for the Gods of the others to decide. I only know about my kinsmen, those whose care I have been entrusted with. When you start to use those words 'All' and 'Everyone' ... well that's when, not only do you get into trouble but it makes you want to fight for you own particular brand of 'allness'.

"All is an obscure a word as omnipotent," he continued. "I am only interested in my race, a race of individuals." He stopped and turned his head up so that the swirling snow fell on his face and into his open mouth. "Ah, too much talking makes me thirsty," he smiled and licked the snow flakes. "Love the snow. Healthy, refreshing, natural." He bent a little closer and beckoned me towards him with his finger.

Looking to the right and then to the left he whispered, "you don't, by chance have a little mead stored away in that iron horse of yours, do you?"

I shook my head no.

"Ah, well maybe it's for the best." he smiled. "Mead has an effect of turning me into the God of Boasting and your after truth are you not?"

Again I shook my head.

Odin licked his lips and said," I don't know how she always knows, but she does."

"Who?" I asked.

"Lady Frigga, the All-Mother," he frowned. "My wife. No matter how cleverly I try to hide a bottle of mead or two for my journey, she finds out and takes them."

I smiled to thinking to myself that even Gods have domestic problems.

"Damn that feminine magic. Wish I knew it," he snorted. "More powerful than anything I know. She says if I take mead with me, I will start boasting and get into trouble just like I did when I went to visit Jorgumund the Giant in ..."

He paused and smiled."Now if you had a little mead, I might be bribed into telling you that tale. You'd like to hear it wouldn't you?"

"I know it," I said. "The acorn!"

"Damn Edda's. Who told the Icelanders to write all about me. Who gave them permission to write books about me?"

"You did," I smiled.

"You're a wise one Ragnar Storyteller. You're going to go far. Now where was I?"

"The acorn, allness," I reminded him.

"Ah yes. Can everyone become a God you ask? Well did every acorn know it was suppose to become an oak tree?"

"Yes, now that you have explained what naturally means. I am sure that each acorn had ..."

He interrupted, "A destiny?"

"Yes, that's a good word. Yes each acorn had a destiny to become an oak tree," I said.

"Then why didn't they? What happened to over 95% of them?" he asked.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"They were eaten by birds, by animals. Many of them fell on rocky soil instead of fertile ground. Many fell in rivers, ponds or streams.It is not easy for an acorn to become a tree. It needs good soil, good water and good sunshine..." Odin said.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wife Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.

To see more of his writings visit his websites.


Or go to goggle and type in his pen name RAGNAR STORYTELLER for his listings. He is also a ghost writer and will write and article for you. Email Ragnar for his FREE 10 PART MINI-COURSE, "How-To use Quantum Physics in Your Every Day Life to Attract More Wealth, Health and Love, Now."

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